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Wounded Knee Senior Pastor Stanley Hollow Horn walks with the people of his tribe. Leading them on their spiritual journey to Christ. The Wounded Knee ministry supports the Lakota People as they search for the meaning of life in the scriptures. The group has a beautiful church that allows the people to come together in corporate worship. A Family Center provides community, wither that be over a meal, in a one on one counseling session or in small group bible studies.
The family life center was the vision of Stanley’s wife and partner in ministry, Sylvia Hollow Horn, who wanted a facility to make a difference is the lives of those living on the reservation.
“Nothing new has been built in the community for the last several years,” said Stanley Hollow Horn, pastor of the Wounded Knee Church of God. “Our center is something new that can help meet the needs of our people while reaching them for Christ.”
In 2005, a work group from North Anderson Church of God began construction of the 2,400-square-foot building. Over the subsequent years, dozens of church groups from across the country caught the vision as well, donating their time and money to make the vision a reality.
Wounded Knee, South Dakota, represents the last significant clash between American Indians and U.S. troops in North America. Situated on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the place is historically known for the Wounded Knee Massacre. There are markers on the reservation, and nearby is a cemetery with the mass grave of all the Indians who died when a surrender by the Miniconjou band of Sioux led by Big Foot ended in tragedy after shooting erupted.
Wounded Knee Church of God Mission is becoming a lighthouse for the Wounded Knee community and Pine Ridge Reservation. It draws people into a place where Stanley Hollow Horn can serve them and spread the love of Christ. The need is great and there is much work to be done.
To learn more about the ministry at Wound Knee and how you can help, contact:
Rev. Stanley Hollow Horn
PO Box 207
Wounded Knee, SD 57794





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